Vision’s New RT Lab

Vision Integrity is pleased to announce the addition of two Freedom Labs to our RT Fleet. We are proud to say we are among the first in Canada to acquire this state-of-the-art RT lab. The Freedom Lab is a stand-alone lab that will allow us to reduce emissions as it does not use the truck it is attached to for heating. Instead, it runs off its own generator, which requires less power and fuel than a diesel truck. Taking steps to eventually change our entire fleet to the Freedom Lab is a natural choice for Vision Integrity as the lab helps us achieve so many of our goals as a company. The technology of the lab will allow us to better serve our clients, and the reduced emissions are a step towards improving our company’s sustainability.

We would like to thank SpeedPro Medicine Hat for the fantastic wraps and allowing us to proudly fly our colours. Make sure to look for us on the streets of Medicine Hat!