Vision Of A New Office

With the lease running out on our current stunning office and the opportunity to blaze a new path, Vision began looking for a new office early this year.

Work at home has taught us we did not need as much space as we once thought, and with low interest rates, it made sense to buy.

So we did.

As of June 1st Vison Integrity owns 1229 13th Avenue!

The real estate flyer said the house was built in 1912, after some research in old phone books we have learned it was first mentioned in 1915 by the original owner, Walter Randall. His occupation was listed as bkpr. This means he was either a beekeeper, basketball player, backgammon player or (most likely) a bookkeeper.

As you can see, there’s a lot of work ahead to bring the house up to snuff to be our new office! Stay tuned for progress updates as we slowly turn Walter Randall’s old house into our new Vision Home.